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Company Name: Qssot Technologies
Address: S-1210 Ardente Office One, Hoodi Main Rd, Hudi, Hoodi, Bengaluru 560048
Contact Person: Mrudula
Email: mail@qssotglobal.com
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Looking for Web Developer

Web Developer (Frontend) (Python) (API REST SOAP):



*             Experience 1-2 years of experience in Python, Django, NumPy, pandas, Beautiful Soup, HTML/CSS Type

*             In-depth knowledge in Core Python with Django building end to endapplications development. Experience in Web technologies-HTML, CSS, Javascript. Database

*             SQL Server/Postgres/ NoSQL database.

*             Good understanding of Algorithms, data structures.

*             Experience in ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries.

*             Experience in integrating multiple data sources and databases into onesystem.

*             Highly experienced in REST / SOAP API Knowledge in version control tools like Git Experience with various cloud technologies.




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