Cyber Security Job

Company Name: LINC Education Services
Address: Delhi
Contact Person: avani raghuvansi
Phone: 7045577921
Course Detail

Roles & Responsibilities
LINC Fellows will work closely under the guidance of the university faculty-in-charge of the unit
(or subject) and be responsible for providing:
1. Guidance to a group of 25-30 postgraduate online students to complete the module
2. Orientation and support in study planning
3. Support in report writing and research skills
4. 1:1 and small group tutoring sessions
5. Guidance on relevant reference material
6. Assessment marking
7. Feedback on work and assessments
8. Timely responses to student queries
9. Facilitated peer-to-peer interactions on discussion boards and other forums
10. Interconnections with university networks and events
11. Other activities which will improve student learning experience and increase student
LINC Fellows will be expected to promptly interact with students over email, chat, and telephone
from locations of their convenience (e.g. home, office etc.).

Position Summary
LINC is seeking experienced faculty members in the field of Cyber Security across a range of
subjects including Network Technologies and Security, Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics, Data
Analysis and Visualisation, Information Warfare, Cyber Security Ethics and Cyberspace Policy.
As an experienced Business faculty member (LINC Fellow), the candidate will serve a diverse
international student body for Masters-level programs studying at premier Australian universities.
LINC Fellows will be the single point-of-contact for the unit-in-charge for student academic
The LINC Fellows would be “actively engaged” during each unit or subject which is expected to
range between 7 to 14 weeks per trimester.
What’s on offer?
The role offers a competitive remuneration between INR 30,000-50,000 per month (based on
committed weekly time, batch size and experience level of the LINC Fellow) when actively
engaged, plus performance based incentives.
The position is based out of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR and Bangalore.
The professional benefits include:
? Interacting with high-quality global university faculty
? Working with a diverse range of international students
? Developing deeper subject understanding
? Gaining richer academic exposure
Improving interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
The role will be part time (15-20 hours per week) with scheduled weekend availability. Candidate
will have flexibility to work from location of his/her convenience.


Desired candidate profile
? Doctoral degree in the Computer Sciences / Information Technology domain OR Masters
e.g. M.Tech. (Cyber Security), M.Tech. (Information Security), M.Sc. (Information Security)
OR Masters (M.Tech., M.Sc., MCA) in Computer Sciences or IT with a PG Diploma in Cyber
? At least 5 years of work experience AND post-graduate level teaching experience (note: at
least 1 year of teaching experience is a MUST) in the field of Cyber Security (Network
Technologies and Security, Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics, Data Analysis and
Visualisation, Information Warfare, Cyber Security Ethics and Cyberspace Policy)
? Highly proficient in spoken and written English
? Empathetic, ambitious, warm and outgoing personality willing to work closely with people
from diverse cultures
? Must possess a working laptop and have access to high-speed (>2 MBPS) stable internet
? Ability to quickly learn and use technology platforms for interacting with student including
host university’s LMS and LINCtrac (training on these platforms will be provided)

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