Unity Job

Company Name: Zebu Animation Studios
Address: Bangalore
Contact Person: shabnam
Email: shabnam.b@zebuanimation.com
Course Detail

Responsibilities :

  • Develop and maintain art production workflow/pipeline by writing scripts/tools to aid artists to create more efficiently
  • Bridge between Maya/other CG packages and Unity work towards producing high-quality content.
  • Produce particles, shaders and other VFX for Unity applications along with Houdini engine
  • Efficiently solve problems, communicate, and educate our team, both remotely and on-site at their offices
  • Proactively train yourself to remain at the forefront of Unity Engine technology



Looking to Hire Trained Unity Resources:

Skills  :

  • Understanding of the technical art and asset delivery for a film and TV production in real-time engines.
    Working knowledge in ray trace workflow in unity.
  • Proficiency in Asset & look development using any industry standards real-time engine.  Working knowledge between offline renderers and realtime engine.
  • Proficiency in PBR shader and workflow using various 2D or 3D painting packages.
  • Intermediate scripting skill in C# or C.
  • Good understanding of the Autodesk Maya animation pipeline and workflows.
  • Communication, in both spoken and written English
  • Empathy, diplomacy and customer service
  • Self-organization and working independently
  • Collaboration and working in teams

Qualification :

  • Certified diploma/advance course in unity or equivalent production experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer or other equivalent educational qualifications.



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